What is eConsult?

eConsult is an online triage tool that enables GPs to conduct consultations more efficiently

eConsult provides an online portal where patients can self-check their symptoms, and receive on the spot medical advice 24/7. Helping to relieve pressure on GPs by giving patients access to round-the-clock support and alternative treatment providers.

Click on the eConsult banner opposite to access the system.

Patients electing to eConsult with their GP simply fill out an online form

eConsult has been designed to capture the symptoms associated with over 100 common clinical conditions, with red flag sensitivity that alerts the patient to any serious signs of critical illness that require immediate medical intervention. The online form has been designed with technology that responds in real time, tailoring the questions and responses according to a patient's unique demographic.

The completed patient questionnaire is emailed securely to the practice

eConsults are securely emailed as a succinct PDF report directly to the practice administration team who then add them into a GPs workflow. The structure of the report is always the same in each individual case, so over time GPs can learn to quickly scan for the relevant information they need to make an informed and speedy decision on the best outcome for the patient.